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• 11/20/2017

Sharing your feedback on Age of Magic Wiki!

Please tell us if you find Age of Magic Wiki useful in general. What do you like the most, what kind of information you'd like to have here in addition to the one you've already got?

Thanks in advance, it will help us a lot! :)
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• 9/7/2018
I think it would be useful to have a detailed explanation of what the marks do. Rather than just have a list of the icon of marks
• 10/2/2018

Gz on ur game... I have been playing itnforba few days.

I have a lot in mind to suggest but ill just write the things the pop now.

1.HELP about the marks and how to use them need more specifications. It is a complicated functionality hence needs explanation.

2. Inventory ..... Where is the inventory, we need to c what do we have in stock. What to buy or what to sell.

3.i find lame that u put friends on a whole olace in the map while u could u use that for sth else in the future updates and let frends be a button somewhere in a corner.. Same goes for shop.

3.1 make so that we send and get rewards from friends... For example.. NRG or sth else.

We need nrg it finishes very fast and it will be a matter of time before someone hacks. (i already tried).

4.dont be greedy and make all about money. Otherwise game wont last more than 2 years.

What else i did notice is that the game eats waaay to much battery and heats up The phone

Devs have to Fix that or make a quality reduction tab on settings. Not just a button.

• 10/2/2018

Oh and the CHAT u need to fix that thing. I write sth and it doesnd update I Need to go To settings. Turn global chat ON.. OF so It will update.

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