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Abaddon is the Boss of the Demons faction.


Abaddon is one of the Demon Legion legates who burns with desire to finally destroy the last pieces of order and life in the world. Сountless hordes of Demons are rushing to follow his orders.

Ages ago Abaddon was the protector of Heaven but then Archons overthrew him when he took part in the rebellion. After that he led the hordes of the Demon Legion during the war against Archons. Abbaddon was the first to pass through the destroyed gates of the Sanctuary — kingdom of Archons.

Abaddon is an incredibly ancient creature. He perfectly knows the magic of Fire and Darkness, and his origin gives him power over the element of Light. He is armed with the Soul Burner — one of the first blades of the Abyss, with the power to crush armies.

Skills []



Abaddon's basic attack with legendary sword.

Puts Melee Damager class Mark. Next Melee Damager, hitting the marked hero, performs an additional attack to a random enemy hero.

Dark Fire.png

Dark Fire[]

Abaddon pronounces a spell that deals damage with Darkness and Fire to all enemies and stuns them for a number of turns.

Disables the hero's ability to be healed and buffed if there is the Demons faction Mark.

Burning of Souls.png

Burning of Souls[]

Abaddon directs all the power of the Demon Legion to destroy enemies. Deals huge amount of damage to all enemies. Instantly kills enemies in case of critical attack.

How to get[]

Abaddon's shards can be found in:

  • Chests
  • One time purchase
  • The final Dark heroic campaign node