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Abyss Hound is the Melee Damager of the Demons faction.


Abyss Hounds are the scouts and thrall hunters of the Demon Legion. They are demons who exist to track down and kill the prey. Demon Legates let them off the leash when it's necessary to catch escaped prisoners of the Abyss.

Their terrible fangs and claws are as sharp as blades. Abyss Hound can make bloodcurdling howl that paralyzes a victim and deprives it of last hope. No one would envy those who were caught by the Abyss Hounds.

By the standards of the Legion, the Hounds are not the most hard-bitten of the demons, but they compensate low health by their high speed and ability to control enemy heroes with their howl.

Skills []

Rapid Claws.png
Rapid Claws

Abyss Hound's basic attack with deadly claws.

Howl of the Abyss.png
Howl of the Abyss

Abyss Hound emits a freezing howl that makes the enemy skip one turn. The target cannot dodge this attack if it is suffering from negative effect.

Makes an additional basic attack if there is the Demon faction Mark on the enemy.

Assassin of the Abyss.png
Assassin of the Abyss

Abyss Hound conducts three powerful attacks, dealing increased damage to a single enemy for each damage over time effect the target has.

Puts Ranged Damager class Mark on the enemy. The victim cannot dodge next attack from a Ranged Damager.

How to get[]

Abyss Hound's shards can be found in: