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Akhrasht is the Tank of the Ra'Archne faction.


Akhrashts are the first Ra'Archne line of defense. Their durable chitin armor is capable of bearing incalculably powerful strikes and magic. They fiercely attack the foes, tearing them apart with fangs or breaking their bones by means of tremendously heavy weight.

Speaking of protection, they are able to cover the body with immense chitin shields, turning them into one large, impenetrable shell. Although such an action affects their movement speed, it makes the fiends' efforts to hurt Akhrasht pitiable and fruitless.


Akhrasht's Strike.png

Akhrasht's Strike[]

Akhrasht's basic attack.



Akhrasht suddenly rams an enemy, inflicting damage and making it skip next turn.

If there's the Ra'Archne Mark on the enemy, the attack will slow it down by 2 times.

Chitin Shield.png

Chitin Shield[]

Akhrasht curls up and puts out his spikes which deal damage to any foe attacking him in melee.

The skill is activated automatically at the start of the battle.

Those who attack Akhrasht while this ability is on get the Ranged Damager class Mark, who, in his turn, deals critical damage to them.

How to get[]

Akhrasht's shards can be found in: