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Ambror is the Ranged Damager of the Dwarves faction.


Dwarven crossbowmen are renowned for the wounding power of their bolt bursts, capable of riddling an array of enemy armor-clad warriors with shots or eliminating a giant troll. Heavy crossbows take up a lot of time to reload, but they are precise and their damage do not depend on distance. According to the Dwarves, crossbowmen wear light armor that makes them more agile. According to any other army, these crossbowmen are encased in steel from top to toe.

Ambror is one of the notorious marksmen. Both he and his sworn brother Troddar took an oath to return the royal hammer and the crown to the Dwarves. Now these two warriors are wandering in quest of lost relics.


Crossbow Bolt.png

Crossbow Bolt[]

Ambror's basic attack.

Nailing Shot.png

Nailing Shot[]

This injuring shot deals damage and nails the victim, so it cannot use melee attacks for a number of turns. If the target has no other abilities available, it skips a turn.

If there is the Dwarves faction Mark on the target, it becomes slower.

Dwarf Bolt.png

Dwarf Bolt[]

Ambror kneels and unleashes a bunch of bolts at a time. The shot is so powerful that the recoil forces Ambror to make a slight step back. The skill removes all buffs from the target.

At Level 4: Puts a Melee Damager class Mark on the target. If activated the target receives damage over time.

Dwarven Resilience.png

Dwarven Resilience (Passive skill)[]

Increases Ambror's Magic & Physical Fortitude.


1 = +20

2 = +22

3 = +25

4 = +27

5 = +28

6 = +30

7 = +32

How to get[]

Ambror's shards can be found in:

  • Act 3.
  • Valley of treasures
  • Shop (for gold).