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Angrim is the Melee Damager of the Dwarves faction.


Angrim had been one of the Stone Guards — elite warriors who had been entrusted to guard the King's family and Dwarven sacred places and relics. Angrim had escorted the King the day their squad had been ambushed by Ra'Archnee. He was the only survivor of the royal squad after he had been grievously wounded and gone faint in the battle.

Angrim still takes that defeat very hard, considering the death of the King and the loss of the royal crown and hammer his own guilt. The warrior's mind has grown dim since that day. The dwarf began to fall into violent madness, crushing everything on his way, believing that he had tarnished the honor of his clan with shame. Fearing that his rage could kill some of his relatives, he left his native land. The Dwarves call such warriors Redeemers.

Obsessed with crazy thirst for revenge, Angrim descended all alone into the deadly tunnels of Ra'Archnee. He had been wandering underground in search of the lost crown and the hammer of the Kings for several years. Along the way, Angrim turned into a perfect Ra'Archnee hunter. He knows Ra'Archnee tunnels like the back of his hand and has studied all the weak places of this race very well.

Angrim withdrew the shield and the hammer in favor of two crude axes, which he uses in battle with effective brutality. Once luxurious, today warrior's armor is covered with traces of claws, acid scrapes and scratches. You actually can notice that Angrim replaced the destroyed pieces of armor with pieces of Ra'Archneean chitinous shells in some places.

Angrim is to find the hammer and crown of the King or die trying.


Axe Strikes.png

Axe Strikes[]

Angrim performs two mighty strikes with his axes.



Angrim jumps at the enemy squad and deals damage to all enemies twisting with his axes.

Berserker Rage.png

Berserker Rage[]

Angrim falls into battle fury that makes his attacks twice stronger for one turn. The ability also increases his dodge for every alive enemy hero.

Puts the Boss Mark on all enemies. Target attacked by the Boss skips next turn.

How to get[]

Angrim's shards can be found in: