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Aratar is the Melee Damager of Barbarians faction.


Aratar is the son of Barbarian chief. He was to marry Bellara, the shaman's daughter. They were to give birth to children, maintain the hearth of the family tent and lead the tribe as their ancestors did before. However, the girl had other plans for her life. Bellara left her own remnant, taking with her a powerful artifact — the Horn of Arekhon.

Aratar experienced fury, resentment and disappointment. He vowed to find a runaway and return the item to his tribe. Aratar said goodbye to his family, left the bracelet of the heir to his younger brother and went on a journey through the remnants. Quest dragged on for long years. During this time Aratar happened to be a mercenary, a captain of pirates, a treasure hunter, a thief and even a prince of the forbidden city. And most importantly — he has seen the world of remnants and grown from a boy to a man.

Aratar's clothes and equipment are the same as those of his native tribe's warriors — a simple loincloth on leather belts, high boots, a shoulder-strap and a sword. Aratar relies on his speed and strength much more than on any armor.


Chieftain Strike.png

Chieftain Strike[]

Aratar's basic attack.

Blood of Chieftains.png

Blood of Chieftains[]

Aratar calls to the blood of Chiefs healing some amount of his health and increasing his strength and dodge chance as well as all allied Barbarians’ initiative.

Steel Cleaver.png

Steel Cleaver[]

Aratar delivers powerful strike dealing increased damage and reducing an enemy's armor.

How to get[]

Aratar's shards can be found:

  • Act 5, Chapter 14, Heroic Light Campaign; Act 4, Chapter 7 Heroic Dark Campaign
  • Shop (for gold).
  • Valley of Treasures Shop (4400 Rune Coins)