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Arekhon Axe Thrower is the Ranged Damager of the Arekhon Undead faction.


Warriors of the Cursed Empire had been famous for their discipline and bloodlust even before the ritual turned them into undead creatures with evil mind. They still keep their eternal watch on the ruins of Arekhon, fed with dark hatred to any mortal being. Woe to those adventurers who are not ready to encounter the bone guard of the Cursed.

Axe Throwers are rotten skeletons decked out in the Arekhon Warriors' armor – a mixture of skin and feathers. Their weapon is light axes of a square form with holes in the helve which is held in wooden boxes on their back. Be careful: there are always two axes in their hands. Just in case.


Axe Throw.png

Axe Throw[]

Basic attack.

Double Throw.png

Double Throw[]

Throws two heavy axes in a row that have a chance to reduce an opponent’s armor. Combines well with Axe Barrage.

Axe Barrage.png

Axe Barrage[]

Arekhon Axe Thrower summons a hail of axes which slice a victim like a circular saw.

If there is already the Arekhon Undead faction Mark on the target, a few upcoming attacks ignore the victim's armor.

How to get[]

Arekhon Axe Thrower's shards can be found in:

  • Act 2, Chapters 7 and 13, Hard.
  • Shop (for gold).