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Arekhon Guard is the Tank of the Arekhon Undead faction.


Guards in the armor covered with jaguar skin are considered to be the elite of the Cursed Arekhon Army. To this day these decomposed warriors keep using a traditional weapon of the Empire – the Arekhon Sword.

Arekhon Guard is a stranger to fear or doubt, it combats a foe until any of them is eliminated.


Sword Strike.png

Sword Strike[]

Basic attack.

Arekhon Battle Cry .png

Arekhon Battle Cry[]

A bloodcurdling roar which increases its magic dodge and magic fortitude (makes enemies attack only Arekhon Guard for a number of turns).

Puts Arekhon Undead faction Mark on all the enemies.

Power of Arekhon.png

Power of Arekhon[]

Arekhon Guard gives a long shout that restores part of its own health.

How to get[]

Arekhon Guard's shards can be found in: