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Arekhon Shadow is the Rogue of the Arekhon Undead faction.


Mysterious servants of the legendary blood mages of the Arekhon, known as Shadows, are considered to be a sombre ancient myth. The lords of the cursed realm had allegedly conducted a secret ritual by means of which they could create ideal assassins. To succeed, they needed a cruel murderer whose hands had been stained with blood of hundreds of victims. Practicing forbidden blood magic, they would slay a victim and catch their soul. This very soul would later become a dreadful creation. This creation, made of blood and darkness, was named a Shadow.

It had been thought for many years that the last shadows clean gone along with the cursed realm, but some still speak of unknown formations, ruthlessly, unhesitatingly murdering their victims.

A Shadow represents a withered corpse, surrounded by dark clots and wielding a staff with two cutting edges at its ends.


Shadow Strike.png

Shadow Strike[]

Shadow vanishes into thin air, then reappears again besides the enemy and makes double scythe strike.

Shadow Blades.png

Shadow Blades[]

Shadow summons a few sharp blades cutting its foe. The victim is also subjected to increased miss chance for a number of turns.

If the Arekhon Undead faction Mark is already on the target, the miss chance doubles.

Shadow Judgement.png

Shadow Judgement[]

Grievous attack which forbids to heal the target for a number of turns and reduces the victim's dodge by a percentage for every buff applied to it.

The skill puts Rogue class Mark: attacked by a Rogue, the target will be receiving double damage for the next 2 turns by any resurrected character.

How to get[]

Arekhon Shadow's shards can be found in: