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Arekhon Spear is the Melee Damager of the Arekhon Undead faction.


In the distant past these warriors were the embodiment of unimaginable agility and force. In addition to that, the Spear Masters were renowned for using no shields, but also for taking no armor. Their sole protection was an array of amulets and tattoos which were supposed to resist enemy spirits. It is a known fact that they believed a warrior is capable of fighting to the fullest extent only when there is no room for error. Not surprisingly, others reckoned such a behavior was on the verge of insanity.

Their favorite weapon is double-ended spear that gives these warriors an additional advantage.


Spear Thrust.png

Spear Thrust[]

Basic attack.

Leap of Rage.png

Leap of Rage[]

Jumps on an enemy and lands two spear strikes causing bleeding which duration depends on number of positive effects on the target.

Both strikes are critical if there is the Arekhon Undead faction Mark on the enemy.

Fortitude of Immortals.png

Fortitude of Immortals[]

Increases damage of the next attack and strikes back every attacker who dares to hit Arekhon Spear for a number of turns.

The skill sets the Spear’s fortitude to 100%, making him ignore every debuff.

How to get[]

Arekhon Spear's shards can be found in:

  • Act 2, Chapters 5, 11 and 15, Hard.