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Artus is the Boss of the Archons faction.


The most powerful warrior of Arcadia under whose leadership the Archons grow ever prosperous and powerful.  



Crushing Blow[]

Inflicts damage with a 60% chance to reduce the target’s initiative by 17%. Has a 14% chance for every Archon ally to decrease the target’s damage by 26% for 1 turn.Triggers Boss class mark.



All allies take 50% less damage from the next critical hit and receive a shield that protects 10% of the target’s maximum HP. They will also counter attack when they are next attacked.


Star Thunder[]

Damages all enemies. The initiative of the next ally who uses one of their special abilities increases by 55%.Triggers Boss class mark.



Damages all enemies. Archon allies and Artus get 25% more initiative for every enemy that dodge their attack.Triggers Boss class mark.


Ruler of Arcadia[]

Leadership ability - Passive skill. At the start of the turn, has 37% chance to reduce the special ability cooldown time by 1 turn for two random Archon allies and has half that chance of doing the same for the allies from other factions. At the start of the turn, his own damage increases by 15% for 1 turn and the next 4 attacks on him inflict 50% less damage (including DOT effects).

How to get[]

Event - every 3 months lasts 7 days. You need 5 heroes from the Abyss Slaves Brotherhood to unlock Artus.
Min rarity - 7 Star
Min level - 70 lvl
Min equipment - 7 lvl