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Atiles is the Tank of the Barbarians faction.


Atiles is a great hero and one of the last Swordbearers – a brotherhood of berserkers endowed with enough strength to wield a huge greatsword capable of equally smashing flesh, bone, wood, stone and steel. The Swordbearers either repudiate their tribes and spend the lives journeying and hunting the nastiest monsters or adjoin a chief they consider honorable to serve. Their goal is attaining immortality by making the way to barbarians' sagas with their feats. When a Swordbearer dies, his brethren take his blade and bring it into the center of the Troll valley. Those who desire to join the brotherhood must fight their way all alone into the valley to finally deserve the weapon. These magic swords have been conserved by barbarian tribes for ages, as the Council's gift.

He's advanced in years so grey hair covers his head but is still firm and seething with battle rage in his veins. Atiles has crushed thousands of foes, exterminated hundreds of ghoulsih beasts and demons, but still continues his journey in quest for a bigger challenge.

Atiles is a mighty warrior. Even though he wears a helmet and light leather armor, he relies on his very health and endurance in battle. The greatsword strikes might not seem frequent, but they are extremely deadly. Provided there is no fight, Atiles is calm and level-headed. But once he gets any wounds, the pure rage comes out making the furious warrior a relentless berserker.


Zweihänder Strike.png

Zweihänder Strike[]

Basic attack with the greatsword.



Atiles chooses an enemy, making him attack only Atiles and only with his basic attack for a number of turns. The skill also increases Atiles's armor and magic resistance.

The opponents with the Barbarian Mark will deal less damage to Atiles for a few next turns.

Arc of Steel.png

Arc of Steel[]

Atiles performs a broad strike dealing damage to all enemies with a chance to cause bleeding.

Puts Melee Damager class Mark on random enemy. Attacked by a hero of this class, the Melee Damager performs free basic attack against the same hero.

Berserk Rage.png

Berserk Rage[]

Passive Skill. Atiles becomes furious after receiving damage from any source. In this condition his attacks deal more damage and enemy heroes can choose only him as their attack target. This skill has a long cooldown.

How to get[]

Atiles's shards can be found:

  • Act 5, Chapters 8 and 12, Heroic;
  • Shop (for gold).