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Azariel is the Healer of the Dark Elves faction.

Lore []

Azariel is the Widow of Shadow — priestess of the Dark Elven Shadow Cult. Azariel and other Widows inspire the Dark Elves with trembling and everyone else with horror. She possesses the forbidden knowledge and is able to take away the life forces of some beings and convey them to others. Azariel left the dungeons for a specific purpose. The Shadow Cult had tracked a mighty ancient artifact — the Horn of Arekhon, and Azariel was sent to get it at any cost.

The mission leads the Widow between the remnants. Azariel stands out from the crowd thanks to the color of her skin, hair, and tattoos so she tries not to attract unwanted attention, acting mainly at night. However, when she comes to battle her bloodthirsty madness gives death to everyone who dares to stand in the way.

Azariel wears a light chain mail and armor made of a fine metal similar to silver and long black clothes with a hood. Her weapon is a combat staff with several blades, which inflicts heavy wounds and guides her spells.



Staff Strike[]

A staff strike that heals Azariel for % of the damage dealt. It also has a chance of causing DoT for a number of turns.


Red Shadow[]

Azariel deals massive damage to a single enemy curses them and heals allies for % of the damage dealt, as well as increasing initiative to 100% with a chance. Attacking a cursed enemy heals the attacker for % of the damage dealt. The healing potential of the ability and the curse is increased by % for each DoT afflicting the enemy.


Brotherhood of Blood[]

Azariel loses % of her maximum HP and healing all allies by %. Allies with the least HP left recover % of HP fo number of turns each time Azariel deals damage...


Protection of Shadow[]

If an ally is dealt lethal damage, they don’t die, and their health doesn’t decrease below 1 HP for a number of turns. The ability can’t be triggered more than once per turn and doesn’t affect Azariel. She restores % of her maximum HP for each time an enemy is healed.

How to get[]

Librarian's shards can be found:

  • Raid Shop
  • Gold Shop