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Bellara is the Caster of Barbarians faction.


Bellara is the Swamp Witch. She hasn't spent years studying ancient books of spells but she received knowledge directly from her father — Barbarian shaman whose name no one knows.

Since early years, she's been dreaming about gaining the power to rule the dragon. Now she travels between the remnants of the world to find the key to becoming True Mage.

Bellara feels scorn for using weapons and armor. She relies on her magic powers, sending terrifying curses and making enemies feel primal fear by the power of Barbarian's magic.


Swamp Ray-0.png

Swamp Ray[]

Bellara's basic attack.

Swamp Curse.png

Swamp Curse[]

Bellara curses an enemy slowing them down and decreasing their stats for one turn. Enemy stats decrease stronger if they are already under any other negative effect. If used against an enemy tank, the skill also removes their taunt.

Places the Barbarians faction Mark on the enemy.

Horror of the Forest.png

Horror of the Forest[]

Bellara sends horrific spirit of the forest that forces enemy to skip one turn and decreases their ability to dodge attacks.

How to get[]

Bellara is one of the main heroes so you get her in Act 1 for free.

Bellara's shards can be found in: