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Blood Emperor is the Boss of the Arekhon Faction.


The ancient Arekhon had been originally ruled by necromancers, known better as the Blood Mages, but all of them obeyed the most powerful warlock under the name of Blood Emperor. His vanity had been so grand that he needed more than reigning the vast empire. Numerous sacrifices had been executed in his honor while his religious cult gained momentum throughout the whole Arekhon.

In the end, the Emperor himself believed in his divinity, completely divorcing from reality. When the ritual turned the Emperor's servants into undead, he lost his mind. Still, the insanity fuels his infinite longing to dominate the worlds.

The Emperor is decked out in sanguine plate armor and armed with an axe of an ancient origin – beware the Executioner of Arekhon.


Executioner of Arekhon.png

Executioner of Arekhon[]

Emperor's basic attack with his legendary axe.

Mark of Arekhon.png

Mark of Arekhon[]

This blow takes all enemy's buffs off and inflicts damage over time. Damage is dealt for as many turns as the number of removed buffs, and all heroes from the Arekhon Undead faction hit the marked target stronger for a number of turns.

The skill puts Caster class Mark. If the enemy is attacked by a Caster, it will be also attacked by a random hero afterwards (except the Blood Emperor).

Will of the Emperor.png

Will of the Emperor[]

The Blood Emperor points his Executioner at the enemy which all allied Arekhon characters immediately hit with their basic attack.

If the Arekhon Faction Mark is already on, there is a chance to inflict critical damage during the next enemy turn.

God of Undead.png

God of Undead[]

The Emperor absorbs his allies to take the godlike form. Transforming, he smites all enemies, setting the foes aflame, and makes them lose percentage of their HP for the number of turns. In this form the Emperor can only use his basic attack.

Lord of Arekhon.png

Lord of Arekhon[]

Passive skill. All the Undead in the squad get bonus to their stats.

Can be combined with Blood Mage's Lord of Undead passive skill.

How to get[]

Blood Emperor's shards can be found in: