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Blood Mage is the Caster of the Arekhon Undead faction.


The lords of Arekhon had established creepy cults ruled by blood mages. When the great ritual – originally supposed to make all Arekhon citizens immortal – turned everything into undead, only blood mages preserved their sanity and will to the fullest extent. They died and lost their power, but it was just an obstacle on the way, surely not the end.

The lords of the cursed empire had been recovering for centuries, and now they are back. The blood mages crave to make their millenary dream come true – the Arekhon must dominate the world. The fact that the lords and their servants are undead cannot hinder them from achieving their ancient goal. On the contrary, it makes it closer!


Blood Missile.png

Blood Missile[]

Blood Mage's basic attack.

Dusk of Arekhon.png

Dusk of Arekhon[]

The Mage decreases damage dealt by all enemies by a percentage for a number of turns.If enemies will be healed when the debuff is on, they will receive damage over time instead.

Rivers of Blood.png

Rivers of Blood[]

Blood Mage increases base stats of allied heroes and has a chance to prolong duration of a random debuff put on the enemy.

Forbidden Ritual.png

Forbidden Ritual[]

The hero unleashes a stream of blood magic, inflicting huge damage, increasing allied Arekhons’ speed and lowering enemies' power. This effect does not stack with the Dusk of Arekhon.

Puts the Arekhon Undead faction Mark on every foe.

How to get[]

Blood Mage's shards can be found in:

  • Daily bonus.
  • Shop (for gold).