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Blood Priest is the Healer of the Arekhon Faction.


The majority of priests, involved in the horrible ritual in pursuit of immortality, had evaporated. Only a few achieved the desired goal, but they had to pay the price, losing the precious knowledge and the considerable amount of their power.

Despite the mentioned above, Blood Priests are still very dangerous fiends who should be undoubtedly reckoned with. They keep on living only to shed as much blood as possible for their filthy gods.

Blood Priests resemble skeletons, wearing red-colored ritual clothes with golden accessories, and their sole weapon is a massive stone dagger covered with magic symbols.


Ritual Dagger.png

Ritual Dagger[]

Blood Priest leaps onto its enemy and stabs it with the ritual dagger. The attack has a chance to steal enemy health.  

Cry of the Void.png

Cry of the Void[]

The Priest appeals to its dark gods and heals itself by sucking health from all other characters on the battlefield (including friendly heroes). If an enemy is impacted by damage over time, the Priest deals them double damage and heals himself better.

Puts Tank class Mark. If the target is attacked by a Tank, the attacker restores a particular percentage of his maximum health.

Black Sacrifice.png

Black Sacrifice[]

Blood Priest raises the dagger to shed its own blood. Doing that, the Priest parts its soul with the allies to restore their health.

Note: the Priest can die while performing this skill if its HP is too low. Black Sacrifice restores two times more health to allied Arekhons.

The skills removes all Marks from friendly heroes.

How to get[]

Blood Priest's shards can be found in: