Campaign mode consists of acts and chapters that develop the story.


Acts Edit

There are seven acts in the original campaign.

Five of them are currently available. Acts V, VI and VII are under construction.

  • Act I — Shards of the Past.
  • Act II — Shadows of Death.
  • Act III — Royal Sands.
  • Act IV — Ra'Archne Hive
  • Act V — Harsh Lands
  • Act VI — under construction.
  • Act VII — under construction.

Campaign Energy Edit

You need Energy to complete chapters in Campaign mode. Energy restores itself over time.

Stars Edit

At the end of each chapter you will gain one, two or three stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes that survive the battle.

You can repeat 3-star chapters straight away by using Memory Spheres.

Rewards Edit

Victory in Campaign mode chapters gives you the following rewards: Player Experience, Silver, Memory Spheres, Skill Cubes, Experience Potions, Items, Shards.

Normal and Heroic mode Edit

Campaigns can be run in normal or heroic modes. You can proceed to the heroic mode once you've completed all chapters in normal mode. Each chapter of the heroic mode can be completed no more than 5 times per day.

In normal mode, Shards are earned after completing a chapter for the first time. In heroic mode, you can complete the chapter many times to earn Shards.

Gallery Edit

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