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There was a kingdom of thousand wonders named Arekhon in the ancient times. Arekhon dwellers were the powerful mages who deeply immersed into mysteries of the universe. Arrogant about their power, they turned to forbidden knowledge to obtain immortality.

Arekhons began to prepare a horrific ritual, execution of which required the blood of thousands of innocent victims. Pyramids with magical altars at the top of each were built throughout Arekhon. These altars were able to absorb the power from spilled blood.

Soon the rivers of blood flowed by the pyramids' stone carvings. Darkness covered the kingdom when the magicians and priests completed the bloody ritual. In an instant, all the dwellers were turned into Undead. And then the rain poured in. Legend tells that the gods decided to punish the blasphemers by sending a flood on them. Thus, the cursed kingdom disappeared under water for thousand years.

When the waters receded there were only deadly marshes covered by stifling jungles and terrifying ruins. Rumor has it: the dwellers of Arekhon are still 'alive'. The ritual changed them unrecognizably, turning them into evil cold-minded Undead. They carefully guard the cursed lands and treasures that hidden there.

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