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Treants are one of the first living creatures called into existence by the Dragon. Centuries ago, they formed a special Circle of Druids that served to keep order and protect the nature.

Later, people of other races joined the Druid Circle as well, forming the Druids. Together they helped the first nations of the world to fight against various threats.

The surviving treants have unfortunately fallen into frenzied madness along with most of the Druids from other races, feeling the cry of the splitting world when the Mages arranged the Cataclysm, which created distrust and hatred among the druids. Now the treants kill anyone who wanders in their sacred groves, which now have the glory of baneful places.

As for the druids from other races, the earliest of them went on a mission to restore Arrat while the rest, hellbent in hatred, kills anyone that looks like a mage or masters the dark arts of the demons, tearing them apart.

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