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The First Dragon created the Dwarves a long time ago. He accommodated them on a remote continent among the hot deserts and taught them how to apply metal and stone. They became greatest artisans and best craftsmen of the Arrat, and such they are to this day.

The empire of the Dwarves grew fast, but it soon became apparent that the tunnels of the Ra’Archne had pierced the whole planet. The horde of the chitinous warriors smashed their way to the Dwarven lands, the atrocious war began. Both sides tried hard to win, but with the Druids’ aid the Dwarves finally succeeded in staving the appalling wave off.

It should be always kept in mind that the Dwarves are grudge-holding. The hatched had not been buried yet, but making use of the pause, they commenced constructing a net of underground strongholds. The Druids lent a helping hand again: they set magic menhirs in the strongholds, blocking the way for Ra’Archne. The insectoid race had to pull back and hide in the caverns to bide their time before attacking again.

Still, the remnant where the dwarven capital is situated is being war-ridden. Their ancient arch-enemy keeps on attacking them from the hideous caves. On top of that, the lands are being continuously troubled by filthy bands of Kobolds, despicable Demons and other foes. Will the Dwarves be able to preserve their scarce population and rich culture and heritage?

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