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Kobolds are primitive, semi-intelligent creatures that have annoyed civilized races since the beginning of time. They are not able to create anything sufficiently strong and valuable themselves, so they use what they can steal or find in the garbage dump.

Thoughts and desires of Kobolds are as small and spiteful as they are. Their tribes do not have permanent settlements and are restlessly looking for someone weaker to attack and rob. Typical Kobold looks like a short, upright hybrid of a dog, a lizard and a dragon.

Though relatively weak, they work hard to achieve their goal, so some Kobolds learn how to put traps and even how to use magical rituals and curses. Anyway, there are powerful bone armored big Kobolds, nimble scouts and even Kobolds who worship Wyrms. They no longer shake with horror seeing a hero. Some of the tribes are insolent enough to attack entire villages, and that makes them a real threat.

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