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Cathbad is the Healer of the Druids faction.


For endless millenia the Druid's Circle had been preserving the sacred lands of Arrat. The Circle's Agents would keep the nature powers balance stable and the forbidden magic of Darkness forgotten. However, long era of peace and prosperity had weakened the guardians.

Almost all Druids, their magic, machines and knowledge perished after the Cataclysm. Only a tiny shard remained. Bearing the heavy burden of their own guilt and misfortune, the Druids swore to restore Arrat.

Cathbad is both the Circle's healer and warrior. He wanders forests and other shards, restoring desecrated lands and eliminating Demons.

The Druids wear thin but comfortable clothes made of dark fabric, hoods and masks that cover their face. This way they pay tribute to the Druid's Circle shame and mourning.



Staff Strike[]

Cathbad's basic attack.


Nature Touch[]

Restores a percentage of health to all allies within a number of turns and removes all negative status effects aimed at making them skip their turn.


Arrat's Strength[]

All allies are instantly healed by a particular percentage and granted a bonus to their intelligence for a number of turns.

How to find[]

Cathbad's shards are not available at the moment.