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Guide to Clan Wars[]


This guide has been made on the basis of learning and Experience derived from playing the First three wheels of Clan wars, and should enable beginners to understand the mechanics involved. A lot can change in the 2nd Clan wars as Playkot themselves indicated that the First three rounds of Clan wars were Test rounds and based on suggestion and feedback from players it can be reworked. As when we'll progress more towards the next Clan wars, The Guide shall be updated with more content and in depth view.


The clan war is a three wheel event, with each cycle having phases listed below. From 1st and 2nd cycle a clan can earn Mana Type 1 Tokens and From 3rd Cycle both Mana Type 1 and Mana Type 2 Tokens.   


Every clan has to get registered to participate in Clan wars. Leader/Officers can only be able to register a clan. A clan should have at least 1 member of level 50 or higher to be able to participate in clan wars. Registration window is open for 72 hrs.


In this phase the Clans are sorted out in order of their total power and on basis of same they are placed next to each other. The participants would be able to view the Clan war map and its base, will also be able to view all the neighboring clans.      

Clan Wars[]

With the end of the Preparation phase that brings us to the Clan Wars, its an 3-day Event and the Clan acquiring the highest Mana from the nodes would rank 1, lower the Mana collected lower the Clan ranking. Top 50% of clans would be promoted to participate in 2nd wheel of Clan wars while the Bottom 50% would be participating again in the 1st Wheel.

In 2nd wheel, Top 20% of clans will move to 3rd Wheel, next 50% ranked clans would remain in same wheel and will participate again in 2nd wheel and the rest of the clans ie. 30% would be demoted to participate in 1st wheel of clan wars in next event.

3rd Wheel is the last wheel of the event and clans fight each other solely with the purpose of earning more Mana type-2 and Type 1 crystals (Though in 1st clan wars,it showed that approx 70% of clans would participate again in 3rd wheel while other will be sent back to 2nd wheel of clan wars)


The Entire map is divided into 3 parts, lower, Middle and Upper Part. Nodes in Lower map produce 1 mana per minute, Middle Produce 2 mana per minute and upper part produces 3 mana per minute if no defenders are placed in it (Exception is Manarain Nodes). The lowers nodes are defended by default low level enemies, higher you move in map, stronger the default enemies.  


Player can place up to 5 defenders on a node, the combined power of Defenders gets multiplied by default mana production rate of node. For ex, If you have placed 50k heroes on a middle node, you will get 50 X 2 (middle node production) = 100 mana/min.

If enemy player defeats the node you are defending, the heroes return and enter a cool down of 12 hours and can be used to further defend/attack using resurrection scroll or after the cool down period. There is a cool-down period of 10 minutes when a player captures a node and enemy cannot attack the node in that time.

Player can View his defending heroes placed all over the map by zooming in a bit on the war map, Few nodes will be shown as just dots these are the nodes with No defenders, Nodes with Blue shield reflect player’s own defense, node with white shield reflect defense by Clan member. In case of Enemy's captured nodes, The red shield resembles Strong defense, Yellow as Medium defense and Green as low defense and simple dot resembles undefended node.  


Each Player gets 4 attacks at the start of Clan Wars. Attacks regenerate over time, 1 Attack regenerate in 2 hours 40 min, the max cap limit of Attacks is 7 (You can have more than that, but they will not regenerate after your attacks reach 7 or above). You get 4 free attacks after a period of 12 hours which can be collected as similar to free campaign/ VOT energy. Your Attackers enter a 12-hour cool down time when used in battle. All it matters is to be able to clear a node with attackers and does not matter if any of your heroes are dead or alive because once the heroes are used in battle, they enter cool down for 12 hours. One can actually see attacks being performed by enemy or clan mates. It is represented by a small X placed on a node, attacks by clan mate are shown by blue x and by an enemy clan‘s by red X. To launch an attack on a node, the clan must be occupying the adjacent node having connection to desired node and the adjacent node itself connected to base via some path.

A Clan Leader/officer can mark nodes to be attacked/defended by long pressing a node on the war map, this also pins a message on clan chat and members can directly move on the marked node by tapping on pin message (it didn't work on 1st cycle due to some coding issue but should work in future).

Citadel resurrection Scrolls[]

These scrolls are used similar to healing kits as used in tournaments to heal dead heroes. The difference is CRS is used to return heroes skipping the cool down. A hero may enter Cool down period when used in Attack/ defense.

The cost of resurrecting a hero depends on its level/power, a lower-powered hero can be resurrected with 12 resurrection scroll while an end hero can take approx 20 scrolls to resurrect. You can resurrect a hero 3 times a day with Scrolls, after that it takes Gold for ressurection.

The max cap limit of CRS Scrolls is 3300 and cannot go higher than that in any case. So its advised not to collect any free resurrection scrolls when a player is near cap limit or has already reached the cap limit. Resurrection scrolls can be obtained from raids.


The core of clan wars is Mana and everything revolves around the same. The nodes a clan captures in map join into your base through the path a clan had made to a node, it is essential to have a link to a node by any path as possible to receive the mana from node, A player receives Mana from the nodes his heroes are defending as explained above and also gets it when attacks an enemy and clears the node (not sure of calculation of that). The higher the mana collected by a clan higher the ranking. There is a personal reward of mana tokens on the basis of total mana collected by an individual member, Each Member should try to reach the milestone.

Manarain Circle[]

Players can see some lightning nodes in the map where a center node seem to be striking lightning to other surrounding nodes, All those nodes comprise to form a Manarain circle. A manarian circle can consist of up to 9 nodes and minimum nodes required to create effect will be 2 (One middle and a surrounding node to connect base with middle node).

Manarain circle can effectively double, triple or even 5X the default mana generation of nodes within its effect. A 3X top manarain circle will multiply the mana by 5X in case you occupy it, to generate at 15x* total power of heros deployed. The Middle manarain circle will triple the overall effect of nodes would produce at 9X*Total power of Heros deployed. The bottom manarain circle will double the mana genaration, to generate at 4X* Total power of heros deployed. A clan needs to have the middle Manarain node captured in order to create a Manarain effect without capturing it, the effect will not happen even if you capture all surrounding nodes of circle. The Manarain circle has also a downside in case the enemy is taking benefit from Manarain and you have captured surrounding nodes, the mana production from your nodes would be cut by half.

Pulling Back defenders[]

A player can call off his troops from any node only in case a path is established to that node, in case the path has been cut down by enemy clan, the clan need to re-establish the connection, else no Mana generation from cutoff nodes and Defenders would return the base after 9 hours. There’s a 30-minute Cool down for pulling back defenders from same node. 


The rewards in All the three wheels of clan wars vary from each other, while the 1st and 2nd wheel of clan wars has Mana type 1 token to offer but wheel 2 offer better rewards as compared to wheel 1.

1st Wheel of clan wars rewards leader clan with 1.7k Mana Type-1 Crystals, the reward gets lower with ranking and the clan finishing on bottom of table would get only 100 Mana Type-1 Crystals.

2nd Wheel has higher reward of 3.5k Type-1 Mana crystals for leader clan to 1.9k Type-1 Mana crystals for clan ending lowest on ranking.

3rd Wheel of Clan wars rewards leader clan with 5.3k Mana Type 1 crystals and 4.2k Mana Type-2 Crystals which can be utilized to purchase better rewards from the shop.

Tactical Advice  []

The clan members should try to be online as early as possible and work towards its route upper map or manarian circle. Deploy the best defenders in the middle manarian node followed by top defenders in surrounding nodes to gather good amount of mana.

In case a manarain circle is dominated by an enemy clan by deploying strong defense in middle node, the strongest members of the clan should clear the defense for other members to put good defense. In case his strong heros are already deployed in good nodes, and the surrounding defense is strong, a player may recall heroes and clear the enemy defense and then use resurrection scrolls to place defenders back to their original position. Watchers are important, Members should always be watchful of activity happening in map, as explained above, one can actually see attacks from enemy, so if u see an enemy clan working its route to cut your mana line or taking over manarain circle, inform other members or counter attack.

If the enemy is charging in, and has nodes near to your captured nodes, you can actually avoid them to attack for another 10 minutes if you can cut down its mana somewhere from middle, Attacks can only be launched from nodes connected to base and doing so will force the enemy to have connection re-established (10 min cool down) and you can deploy strong defender on node where lane has been cut or you may call in reinforcement from your clan mates.

It is must take advantage of all your roster, and therefore advised to raise your low heroes to level 10, equipment 3 and special attacks to 3 as a single hero of that level can clear undefended nodes captured by enemy clan and you would be able to utilize your mid or high level heroes on difficult nodes.

This is an only suggestive action, if one can level up its low heroes to better level or equipment, he may do so but do keep a check, so that upgrade of your primary heroes  is not affected to be utilized in Arena, Tournament or Raids.

Do let me know your comments and your insight to Clan Wars.

Let the war begin.