Age of Magic Wiki

We would like all Age of Magic fans to follow few simple rules to make this place friendly, safe and full of fun.

Community Guidelines.png

Here's the list:

  • Be friendly and respectful. Open a dialogue if you don’t agree with someone, don't attack or argue with a person whom you think is wrong.
  • Be constructive. If you don’t like a feature, option or update just tell us why, then we can look into the matter so that we can fix or improve it.
  • Be helpful. It’s great if you have game experience, so let other know about it! Answer the newbies’ questions, this way they can benefit from your experience.
  • Don’t be aggressive to anyone. We want to keep a friendly community where players can get answers to their questions, find game mates and feel safe.
  • Don’t advertise or post spam. Please be sure that content you post is relevant to Age of Magic. We are open to you posting your fan groups and sites but we will not accept any links to cheats and hacks.
  • Don’t use any hateful speech. Hate speech would be reason for and instant ban on the page.
  • Have fun! Be sure that you can express your opinion and connect with different players from all over the world :)

We want you to be aware that we reserve the right to ban any player who violates the rules (temporarily or permanently depending on the case.) This decision is up to the Age of Magic admins.

In fine, if you have any questions, feel free to ask: we will kindly give a reply to you. Good luck and have fun in the world of Age of Magic!