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Dark Campaign consists of acts and chapters that develop the story.

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Dark Campaign consists of seven acts. The scene is laid in places you’ve already been to during the Light Campaign. The adventure takes place at night, shortly after the journey of Roland and his companions.

A hired assassin named Sharazar is tracking Roland and his companions down. In order to return his daughter, he has no choice but to murder him.

Five acts are currently available. The other ones will see the light in the near future.

  • Act I — Shadows of the Past.
  • Act II — Path of the Dead.
  • Act III — under development.
  • Act IV — under development.
  • Act V — under development.
  • Act VI — under development.
  • Act VII — under development.

Campaign Energy[]

You need Energy to complete chapters in the Dark Campaign mode. Energy restores itself over time.


At the end of each chapter you will gain one, two or three stars. The number of stars depends on the number of heroes that survive the battle.

You can re-complete 3-star chapters right away by using Memory Spheres.


Victorious battles in the Dark Campaign grant you the following rewards: Player ExperienceSilverMemory SpheresSkill CubesExperience PotionsItemsShards.

Normal and Heroic modes[]

Campaign can be run in normal or heroic modes. You can proceed to the heroic mode once you've completed all chapters in normal mode. Each chapter of the heroic mode can be completed no more than 5 times per day.

In normal mode, Shards are given after completing a chapter for the first time. In heroic mode, you can complete the chapters many times to earn Shards.