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Shadows of the Past[]

No one ever heard of Sharazar, no living soul has ever seen him undisguised. The most brilliant assassin of the Arrat has always remained in the shadows. But even the thickest shadow can be vanquished by a single ray of light. The murderer wanted to put the past behind, but it still clinged like grim death.

The Dark Elves sleuthed Sharazar out and made him obey their will by taking away most precious thing he had. And he will not stop until he recovers it.

Chapters and heroes' shards[]

There are 15 chapters in the Dark Campaign Act I.

Here's the list of heroes' shards that can be found in Heroic mode:

  • Chapter 1 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 2 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 3 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 4 — contains shards of Rogar.
  • Chapter 5 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 6 — contains shards of Kharannah.
  • Chapter 7 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 8 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 9 — contains shards of Bellara.
  • Chapter 10 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 11 —  contains no shards.
  • Chapter 12 —  contains no shards.
  • Chapter 13 — contains shards of Taneda.
  • Chapter 14 — contains no shards.
  • Chapter 15 — contains no shards.