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Denaya is the Boss of the Barbarians faction.


Denaya is the legendary warrioress. Her glory is so grand that she has earned the sobriquet of the 'Barbarian Queen', and even the most arrogant warriors acknowledge it. Denaya's tribe considers itself descendants of the fabulous Knights of the Council that's why she grew up on the stories of these godlike ancestors' feats. When Denaya was a child, her village was attacked by orcs. They slaughtered her kinsmen and set their houses on fire, and when it seemed eveything was lost, when her brothers and sisters screamed with fear behind her back, Denaya raised a family sword from the dead hands of her murdered father and with a fierce battlecry rushed towards the unpunished enemies. Her battlecry, fiery hair streaming in the winter wind and desparate rage attracted attention of both foes and tribesmen. Weary warriors, having seen how a young lass attacked the orcs alone, remembered their pride and sprang at the fiend with threefold force. They made their way to Denaya and fought around her until the remaning orcs fled, unable to cope with the red-haired warrioress.

That very day the Barbarian Queen legend was born. For many years she had been avenging deceased relatives and composed herself only by the moment when there was no orc alive on her native remnant. This is how Denaya has gained fame and respect. Today, when mature, she began to think that the sobriquet of the 'Barbarian Queen' is perhaps not a sobriquet but her true fate.

Denaya wears plain but solid leather armour with metal components and wields a one-handed family sword. She's swift, slender and supple.  


Rapid Strike.png

Rapid Strike[]

Basic attack with a sword.

Denaya's Battlecry.png

Denaya's Battlecry[]

Denaya empowers her allies for a number of turns.



All allies can temporarily strike back any attacker with their basic attack. The power of basic attack used as a strike back is increased.

Red Fury.png

Red Fury[]

Deals severe damage to an enemy and places the Barbarian faction Mark on all enemies.

Barbarian Queen.png

Barbarian Queen[]

Passive skill. Every Barbarian in the squad gets bonus to basic stats.

How to get[]

Denaya's shards can be found in:

  • Shop (for gold);
  • guild shop