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Dreverad is the Tank of the Druids faction.

Lore []

Dreverad is one of the forest spirits who acquired a physical form to protect wild places. However, after the mages staged the Cataclysm, the survived spirits fell into an insane rage. It encourages them to kill anyone who violates the boundaries of the protected possessions. Therefore, the sacred groves have become notorious on the remnants.

Dreverad, the oldest among the spirits, is the only exception to this circle of insanity. Dreverad was seriously injured by the Cataclysm but he kept his wisdom and prudence. The fury which has absorbed its colleagues is strong, but Dreverad is fully determined to find a way to heal the world. Like thousands of years before, he wanders among the surviving remnants, waiting for the opportunity to fix everything.

Dreverad looks like a gigantic tree with a bunch of thick branches. Mysterious forces protect him from magical influence, which helps him to defend the remains of nature. There is a beehive hanging on Dreverad, which accompanies him all the years of his life.


Tree Punch.png

Tree Punch[]

Dreverad performs powerful strike with his wooden hand.

Forrest Ban.png

Forest Forbids

Dreverad stomps and screams, forcing enemies to attack only him. It also increases his armour by 200% and magical resistance by 400%.

Roots of Peace.png

Roots of Peace[]

Dreverad summons roots from the earth that wrap enemies and make them skip their next turn. If the enemy already has the negative effect, he will take damage over time after this attack.

Places the Druids faction Mark on all enemies it hits.

Angry Hive.png

Angry Hive[]

Dreverad summons harmful bees that attack all enemies. Increases their chance to miss.

How to get[]

Dreverad's shards can be found in: