Age of Magic Wiki

Age of Magic has dozens of Items that enhance heroesstats.

Items and stats[]

Items can enhance the following stats:

  • speed;
  • strength;
  • dexterity;
  • intellect;
  • physical and magical damage;
  • armor penetration;
  • health;
  • armor class and resistance to magic;
  • bonus physical and magical fortitude;
  • critical damage (separately for physical and for magical attacks);
  • chance of critical damage (separately for physical and for magical attacks);
  • dodge.
Item Blade.png
Item Amulet.png
Item Bracelet.png
Item Lens.png
Item Orb.png
Item Chainlet.png
Item Compass.png
Item Core.png
Item Plate.png
Item Pouch.png
Item Crystal.png
Item Glue.png
Item Jar.png
Item Ring.png
Item Scheme.png
Item Scroll.png
Item Seal.png
Item Spellbook.png
Item Spyglass.png
Item Strap.png
Item Wand.png
Item Talisman.png

Items are rewarded for completing missions in Campaign mode. You can also buy them in the Shop.

To find out which missions reward Items, tap on Search.

Equipment level[]

To enhance the stats of your hero, you need to collect a full set of Items and upgrade their Equipment level. Once you’ve done this, new slots for new items will appear on the hero's profile.


In high item tiers, there is sometimes no solid single item that can be used to enhance a hero's stats. These items consist of parts which should be assembled to finally craft the item.

For example, Diagram III consists of a Diagram I and 30 Diagram III parts. Once they have been collected, Diagram III can be crafted and used, which will give your hero additional damage and health.

Diagram III.jpg
Diagram III-0.jpg