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Eraser is the Caster of the Demons faction.


Erasers are Demons with enormous magical power which they use to weaken enemies, draw out their vital energy and kill them when they are finally exhausted. It is hard to say what developed better in these creatures: their magical skill or their wile.

Erasers are close servitors of the Demon Lords. They do not waste their time on trivia and appear on remnants where the Legion has very serious interests. The emergence of the Eraser on a remnant is a bad sign for its inhabitants.

Eraser uses the power of fire and darkness to control the battlefield and deal great damage to his enemies. Heroes of the past would tell that they had seen how these Demons grow stronger when they feel how their enemies suffer.

Skills []



Eraser's basic attack with fire magic.

Dark Weakness.png

Dark Weakness[]

Eraser reduces all opponents' stats for a number of turns and restores some health to allied Demons by the power of dark magic.

Puts the Demons faction Mark on enemies.

Dark Flame.png

Dark Flame[]

Eraser casts powerful fire spell that deals damage to all enemies.

How to get[]

Eraser's shards can be found in: