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Events is the special game mode where unique heroes can be obtained.


Every few weeks, all players of a particular level can participate in one of mini-campaigns called events. One player can take part in several different events at the same time.


The access to an event is open only within a short period of time, but the progress between these events is properly saved so there is no need to worry if you didn’t manage to finish an event in time at once.

The Kobold Business 2.jpg

Each event consists of several missions. First mission is always available, but to complete other missions a player is supposed to have a particular number of specific heroes of a certain level and rarity.

The Kobold Business.jpg

All information about the events can be found in the special building on the main screen.


The reward is the shards of a rare and powerful hero:

  • You can unlock Rok completing 'The Kobold Business' event.
  • You can unlock Succubus completing 'Will-o'the-wisp' event.