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There are 17 Factions in the Age of Magic. Each Faction has a hero of every class.

Arekhon Undead[]

Icon Faction Arekhon.png

Terrible Undead dwellers of the ancient kingdom. They once dared to conduct a bloody ritual for the sake of obtaining immortality, and have been cursed.

Now they guard treasures on the ruins of their civilization, passed into disgusting marshes and frightening remains. Learn more...


  • Argen
  • Artus
  • Elios
  • Magnus
  • Sacrif
  • Sterus
  • Tiros


Icon Faction Barbarians.png

Many people have forgotten about the civilization after the Cataclysm and turned into tribes of barbarians focused on survival.

Some of them remained honorable, but others commenced worshiping bloodthirsty idols and even Demons. This day, every tribe has a chief and a shaman who are at the head. As for the warriors, they use unique tribal patterns of warpaint to easily distinguish friend from foe. Learn more...


Icon Faction Beastmen.png

Typically, Beastmen are offspring of shapeshifters. They are unable to take the animal form completely, but they can temporarily change parts of their body, gaining animal strength, speed, endurance, agility or sense.

Beastmen generally have muscular bodies with fur and sharp fangs. Many of Beastmen's habits are reminiscent of ordinary animals and... they even smell like them. Learn more...


Little known about these mysterious race...

Children of the Forest[]

Dark Elves[]

Hiding in the darkest dungeons, Dark Elves worship their own cruel gods and mastering mysterious plans...


Icon Faction Demons.png

Ages ago Demons had been fighting against Archons for the power to rule the world. These angry blind creations of darkness had totally destroyed dozens of worlds throughout the war. Eventually, Demons defeated Archons thoroughly.

Now the Demon Legion spreads across the worlds and destroys them one by one. There are hordes of unknown but violent creatures in the Legion which no one would wish to face even in a nightmare. Learn more...


Icon Faction Dragonkin.png

The Dragonkin are a proud race that considers itself descended from dragons. They are tall and powerful people with heads of dragons. Mighty warriors and mages, they lived in their own ancient cities.

Nowadays, their civilization is destroyed by the Demons and there are only several Dragonkin left. Dragonkin paladins and priests are travelling amid remnants of the world to bring the light among the fading stars. Learn more...


Icon Faction Druids.png

Treants are one of the first living creatures called into existence by the Dragon. Centuries ago, they formed a special Circle of Druids that served to keep order and protect the nature.

Later, people of other races joined the Druid Circle as well, forming the Druids. Together they helped the first nations of the world to fight against various threats. Learn more...


Icon race Dwarfs 1.png

Dwarves dwell on a remote continent among the hot deserts. Although they are often excellent warriors, dwarves are mainly considered greatest artisans and best craftsmen of the Arrat. An adult dwarf can be as tall as a human, they usually grow long beards and due to the specific climate their equipment historically has features of the Orient.

The dwarves knew better times, though. Their land is war-ridden and their ancient arch-enemy – Ra'Archne – keeps on attacking them from the hideous caves. Learn more...

High Elves[]

Icon Faction Elves.png

Even the Cataclysm did not break the spirit of imperious high elves – their clans continued to keep millennary grievances and conduct bloody wars againt each other.

For High Elves honor is still more valuable than life and even the immortal soul. To this day, High Elven samurais keep following the Way of the Sword and fighting for their clans. Learn more...

Knights of the Council[]

Knights of the Council had been legendary warriors, unrivaled masters of might and magic. They stood on guard of the world, resolving conflicts and eliminating any threats to make it flourish, but then the Cataclysm occured. Learn more...


Icon Faction Kobolds.png

Kobolds are primitive, semi-intelligent creatures that have annoyed civilized races since the beginning of time. They are not able to create anything themselves, so they use what they can steal or find in the garbage dump.

Due to their physical similarities to dragonkin (typical Kobold looks like a short, upright hybrid of a dog, a lizard and a dragon), they tend to proclaim they are destined to rule the worlds. Though weak, they work hard to achieve their goal, so some Kobolds learn how to put traps and even how to use magical rituals and curses. Learn more...



The insectoid Ra'Archne race originated in the depths of the world in immemorial time. Ra'Archne have their own hive hierarchy, where each creature fulfills its own tasks. For countless hundreds of years, they've been living in gigantic underground caverns devoid of light.

Most of the caves along with Ra'Archne disappeared in Cataclysm, but their last Queen is still alive. Ra'Archne will do everything to preserve their species. Learn more...

Wild Elves[]

In the deep forests of Arrath the Wild Elves can be faced...

  • Sandariel
  • Idrill
  • Aegnor
  • Cernuol
  • Maeglin