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Gassar is the Rogue of the Dwarves faction.


Rumors about the Order of Dwarven Assassins have been in the air for many centuries. There is a talk that this small brotherhood is in constant search of dwarven orphants, who eventually become the part of the Order. Since very childhood, they are taught to be murderers capable of overcoming any obstacles to finally strike their target. They learn how to whip out of sight in broad daylight, spread havoc among the enemy and not giving a remotest chance of rescue. Every assassin wears dark loose clothing, helping them blend in with shadows within native underground tunnels, as well as a fearsome metallic mask that hides their face and fills the foes with utter dread.

Gassar is most likely the best assassin in the Order, whose hand put an end to a multitude of enemy lives. Now, Gassar is wandering among ancient tunnels under the imperial capital, pursuing his own mysterial objective. One thing is clear: it is better not to be on his path if one wants to avoid fatal danger.


Hammer Strike.png

Hammer Strike[]

Gassar's basic attack with the heavy hammer.

Smoke Screen.png

Smoke Screen[]

Gassar throws a smoke bomb underfoot, making himself and allied Rogues, Casters and Healers invisible. The skill also slightly increases their damage for a number of turns.

Oil Vial.png

Oil Vial[]

An oil vial, flung by Gassar, hits an enemy and substantially increases magic damage dealt to the target for several turns.

Wild Fire.png

Wild Fire[]

Gassar throws a napalm vial at an enemy, setting it literally aflame.

Puts the Dwarves faction Mark on the target.

Gassar's Passive.png

Passive Skill[]

Gassar ignores any enemy taunt.

How to get[]

Gassar's shards can be found in: