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Gatekeeper is the Tank of the Demons faction.


Gatekeepers are special demons that were created to serve the Legion by protecting important locations and, of course, prisoners. For this purpose, they were named Gatekeepers.

Endowed with terrific power, Gatekeepers are also full of anger and aversion to all living. It is extremely difficult to kill Gatekeeper thanks to his huge massive body with thick skin and thorns, but his armor is rather weak. Seems like they wear it primarily for intimidation.

Forged in the depths of the Abyss, Gatekepeer's halberd lets him conduct a slow but extremely powerful attack.

Skills []

Abyssal Halberd.png

Abyssal Halberd[]

Gatekeeper's basic attack with his halberd.

Cannibal Hunger.png

Cannibal Hunger[]

Tears a piece of the enemy to satisfy his hunger. Deals damage and restores Gatekeeper's health.

Rage of the Abyss.png

Rage of the Abyss[]

Gatekeeper makes a brutal attack with his halberd striking all the enemies at once.

Puts the Demons faction Mark.

How to get[]

Gatekeeper's shards can be found in: