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Grok is the Tank of the Kobolds faction.


Grok is the most spiteful and robust fighter of the Kobold faction. His size and strength instill dread and obedience into other Kobolds. Usually, he takes lead in Kobold gangs or works as a bodyguard of the Wyrm Priests.

Grok wears armor, a shield and a club made of killed enemies' and large animals' bones. Combined with malice and experience, it makes a Grok quite dangerous... but still a Kobold.


Club Strike.png

Club Strike[]

Grok's basic attack with his bone club.

Enraging Strike.png

Enraging Strike[]

Grok strikes in an especially painful way. The target can attack only Grok for two turns.

The skill has also a chance to taunt another random enemy for each alive Kobold in the squad (including Grok himself).

After skill level 5, will put the Kobold faction Mark on the enemy.

Shield Wall.png

Shield Wall[]

Grok raises his shield and increases the armor of all allied Kobolds by some % for a number of turns and also activates the 'healing over time' status-effect.

How to get[]

Grok's shards can be found in: