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Hargrim is the Healer of the Dwarves faction.


Dwarven battle healers belong to the elite military order, which is recruited only by those who display the ability to control elements of earth and light. Each newcomer undergoes several years of thorough training, and along with elements they learn how to use a warhammer and how to endure hardships of severe military life.

The movement speed on the battlefield has a pivotal role for the healers, that is why they wear light (according to dwarves) armor: iron scale mail, turban helmet and round shield. Similarly to other dwarves, healers dwell in mountain strongholds in the desert, so their equipment historically has features of the Orient.

Hargrim is a veteran of the Order, a participant of thousands of battles. He was about to be promoted a great many times, but the stubborn warrior kept refusing. He still firmly believes that his path is right and the place where he's always welcome is battlefield.


Warhammer Strike.png

Warhammer Strike[]

Hargrim's basic attack.

Light of the Earth.png

Light of the Earth[]

The dwarf raises his warhammer and with a ray of light heals every hero of the squad. Removes one random negative effect from every ally.

At Level 5 the skill removes all faction and class Marks from Hargrim's allies.

Mountain Brawn.png

Mountain Brawn[]

Calling out to the powers of earth, Hargrim increases the power of friendly heroes.

All enemies with the Dwarves faction Mark on them skip their next turn.

How to get[]

Hargrim's shards can be found in:

  • Act 3.