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Hilia is the Healer of the Ra'Archne faction.


During numerous wars with dwellers of the surface, Ra'Archne Queens had been facing the fact they needed agents among humans and other races. So the reason to conduct horrific experiments with captives appeared. Ra'Archne had been working with enslaved creatures for years, trying to create the ideal spy and assassin.

The result was a special kind of Ra'Archne — deadly Healer-Killer named Hilia, a terrible but attractive crossbreed between human and Ra'Archne.

Having appearance akin to the human's, Hilia serves to the Hive as a spy and assassin as well as an ambassador when the Ra'Archne deal with other species and races.

Hilia's poisonous attacks enhance the power of her squad and deal a lot of suffering to enemies. Also, Hilia uses special pheromones on the battlefield that repeatedly strengthen and heal allied Ra'Archnee.


Jump Strike.png

Jump Strike[]

Hilia jumps at an enemy dealing damage with her claws.

Has a chance to poison the enemy.

Poisoned Healing.png

Poisoned Healing[]

Heals allies for a lot of HP, but all non Ra'Archne heroes get damage.



Hilia cannot be chosen as an attack target while the ability increases dodge of all allied heroes. Has a chance to hide random allied Ra'Archne.

Puts the Ra'Archne faction Mark on all enemy heroes.



Passive Skill. All allied Ra'Archne obtain bonus to HP. Hilia's heal affects them better.

How to get[]

Hilia's shards can be found in: