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Infernus is the Ranged Damager of the Demons faction.


Infernuses (or Burners) are obsessed with fury and pain. Flame is their only purpose of existence, so they crave for watching the whole universe turn into ashes in all-consuming fire. Every Infernus bears a fragment of the Fire element that burns them endlessly from the inside, fueling madness and compulsive need to kill and destroy – a perfect match to serve in the Demon Legion and pepper mortals with fire at a distance.

The Burners hardly wear any armor, but it doesn't mean they can be defeated easily – fighting with them is extremely perilous.


Flame Strike.png

Flame Strike[]

Infernus's basic attack with a firebolt.

Tempered Fire Demon.png

Tempered Fire Demon[]

Infernus unleashes a stream of burning fire, setting enemies ablaze and dealing them extra damage for a number of turns.

If there is the Demon factions Mark on the enemy, no negative effects can be removed from him for some time.

Flame Wave.png

Flame Wave[]

The ability works exactly the same way as Tempered Fire Demon does. The only difference is that the damage is dealt to ALL enemies.

How to get[]

Infernus's shards can be found in: