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Jagg is the Melee Damager of the Kobolds faction.


Rather big for his race, Jagg is a dangerous opponent. Spear with bone tip is a common weapon for Kobolds and this savage warrior learned well to use it at long and short distances. Kobold Spear can withstand a serious fight with a human almost on equal, but his capability to hide and attack enemies from improvised cover is unsurpassed.

Jagg wears a loincloth and several spears in a bundle on his back. Usually, it is enough for a successful ambush.


Speak Strike.png

Spear Strike[]

Jagg's basic attack with the spear.

Sudden Strike.png

Sudden Strike[]

Jagg listens to his flair and throws the spear right at the target. The enemy cannot dodge this throw.

Inflicts critical damage if there is the Kobolds faction Mark.



Jagg hides and becomes unavailable for target selection until he performs the attack which deals more damage.

How to get[]

Jagg's shards can be found in: