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Kage is the Rogue of the Elves faction.


Kage was one of the best ninjas of his clan, but he invoked pure wrath of the clan leader since he'd fallen in love with his daughter. Kage was therefore given an impossible task of trailing and killing one of the Legions' lords named Abaddon.The ninja is eager to complete the mission, get back and take away his beloved.

Kage wears dark clothes and uses shadow magic to conceal his presence and sneak up on his victim.


Shuriken Throw.png

Shuriken Throw[]

Kage throws a shuriken that deals damage to a target and forbids it to attack Kage for one turn.

Shadow Smoke.png

Shadow Smoke[]

Kage vanishes in smoke, so enemies can't attack Kage for a number of turns if at least one of his allies is alive.

Puts the Elven faction Mark on a random enemy.

Death Strike.png

Death Strike[]

A devastating blow causing extreme damage.

Shadow Shuriken.png

Shadow Shuriken[]

if an allied Rogue damaged an enemy, then Kage has a chance of attacking that same enemy. Damage from any of Kage's attacks increases by percent for every uninterrupted turn spent hiding

How to get[]

Kage's shards can be found in:

  • Way of the Ninja event (24 january 2019)