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Kharannah is the Healer of the Dragonkin faction.


The Nobles are a particular caste of the Dragonkin. Their members served the Light and were responsible for supervising physical and mental health of their kin.

When the Cataclysm came, many of the survivors lost either their mind or their faith. It was Kharannah who became the first novice after the world's destruction. The Dragonkin attentively watches her deeds, for if she carries the Light amid the falling stars and resists the Legion, it will be the true sign of hope. The Noble One fully realizes the scale of her responsibility, so between death and giving in she'd prefer the former.

Kharannah wears snow-white garments with golden parts – the attribute of the Sublime – and the Staff of Light.


Ray of Light.png

Ray of Light[]

Kharannah's basic attack that has a chance to decrease enemy’s accuracy.

Healing Light.png

Healing Light[]

Kharannah raises her staff and restores a percentage of all friendly heroes health with a shining light.

At Level 5: Places the Dragonkin faction Mark on all enemies.

Light of Heroes.png

Light of Heroes[]

By summoning her greatest force, Kharannah ressurects one dead allied hero and restores health of every other friendly hero.

Kharannah gets a chance to resurrect two heroes from skill's level 5.

How to get[]

Kharannah is one of the main heroes so you get her in Act 2 for free.

Kharannah's shards can be found in: