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Khshaat is the Caster of Ra'Archne faction.


Khshaats are the counselors of the Ra'Archne Queens. They translate the plans and orders of their Queen into life. Khshaats have great power over other inhabitants of the Ra'Archne hive.

Counselors' glands secrete powerful pheromones, which impact on simple Ra'Archnes and subordinate them to the will of Khshaat.

The bodies of Khshaats are dotted with eyes. Ra'Archne counselors practically do not have a chitin cover, for advisers rely on their spells and control over other Ra'Archnes who must eliminate the threat before it reaches Khshaat.


Cursed Ray.png

Cursed Ray[]

Khshaat's basic attack with powerful magic ray that decreases an enemy’s initiative.

Call of Kshaat.png

Call of Khshaat[]

Khshaat sends order to other Ra'Archne making them deal more damage for one turn. Random Ra’Archne strikes back when Khshaat receives damage.

Removes all Marks from allied heroes.

Ra'Archne Taboo.png

Ra'Archne Taboo[]

Khshaat makes all enemies be able to attack only Tanks for one turn.

Puts the Ra'Archne faction Mark on all enemies.

How to get[]

Kshaat's shards can be found in: