Kobold Slinger is the Ranged Damager of the Kobolds faction.

 Lore Edit

Being a rather frail creature, Kobold Slinger learned to hide himself in order to save his life. The tribesmen value him for the accuracy and cunning which compensate small size and lack of skill when fighting close combat. 

He has amazing ability to find stones from the hardest rock between raiding and looting villages. At loose hours Kobold Slinger sharpens their edges which make the stones a deadly weapon. 

Skills Edit

Slingshot Strike

Slingshot Strike Edit

Kobold Slinger's basic attack.

Killing stone

Killing Stone Edit

Kobold Slinger loads an especially sharp and heavy stone and throws it to the enemy's weak point dealing increased damage.

Enemy will skip next turn if he was marked by the Kobold faction Mark.


Hide! Edit

Kobold Slinger hides and becomes unavailable for targeting by enemy heroes.

'Hide!' also enhances speed of all friendly Kobolds.

How to get Edit

Kobold Slinger's shards can be found in: