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Kobolock is the Healer of the Kobolds faction.


Kobolock is the alchemist of a Kobold's tribe who brews potions from shrooms, herbs, roots and other ingredients which origin is unknown. Other Kobolds are afraid of him because of his terribly unpredictable potions. Rumors say that the content of a bottle can shake the soul out from the body and make it come back. 

Kobold in the right mind would not touch alchemist's potions, but in battle, where death may be alternative, Kobolock's potions find a variety of uses: not only to poison enemies but to heal Kobolds, too. 

Kobolock is smart enough for a Kobold. He wears a hood that he sews with his own hands, and you always can find a batch of potions for all occasions on his belt. 

Skills []

Throw potion.png

Throw Potion[]

Kobolock's basic attack which has a chance to decrease enemy initiative.



Kobolock's potion heals friendly heroes but slows down non-Kobold allies for a number of turns.

Drink Poison! .png

Drink Poison![]

Kobolock throws two bottles with poison at the enemies, inflicting damage and increasing their chance to miss by some % for a number of turns.

After reaching skill level 5, will put the Kobolds faction Mark upon each enemy.

Kobolock Resistance.png

Kobolock Resistance[]

Increases all friendly heroes' magic resistance by some %.

How to get[]

Kobolock's shards can be found in: