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Experience Potions are used to level up the heroes. The maximum level is 80.

Leveling up your heroes with Experience Potions[]

The higher the level of the Experience Potion, the more experience points it gives to your hero.

Minor Potion 50 XP
Experience Potion.png
Lesser Potion 200 XP
Minor Potion.png
Experience Potion 450 XP
Lesser Potion.png
Greater Potion 1000 XP
Greater Potion.png
Golden Potion 3000 XP
Golden Potion.png
Adamant Potion 6000 XP
Adamant Potion.png

Beware: Player may need more than one Experience Potion to level up their hero.

Players can regulate the needed number of Experience Potions on the hero’s profile.

Experience Potions are rewarded for completing missions in Campaign.

You can also buy them in the Shop.