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Librarian is the Caster of the Knights of the Council faction.


In contrast to the other Knights, the Librarian did not fight renegades and spawns of the Abyss. Instead, he devoted his life to guarding dangerous artifacts and books of the Order's Forbidden Library. Many artifacts are imbued with a real mind: they persuade, they seduce and implore the mortals to use them, promising boundless power and domination in return. Among them, there are even those capable of completely destroying the miserable and divided Arrat. The Librarian had been resisting their call for ages but in the end, the magic finally drove him mad. He can't sleep, he doesn't remember his name, nor the past. He is obsessed with one idea only – he must guard the artifacts.  

The Librarian's Staff is a unique artifact. With its help, he accumulates magic excesses, not thus letting the artifacts gain power and break loose. However, sometimes the Librarian himself can be overfilled with arcane magic so that he loses control over it. At such moments staying with him can be extremely dangerous.


1 Basic attack with energy clot.
2 Forbidden Knowledge

Increases magic fortitude of the allies and partially protects them from damage dealt by Magic Possessed. All enemies receive a debuff that makes them lose some health every time they use their abilities.

3 Magic Possessed

Incredibly powerful AoE skill which inflicts full damage both on allies and enemies. If the allies are under Forbidden Knowledge effect, they take much less damage.