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Lucky is the Healer of the Children of the Forest faction.


Children of the Forest understand the voice of the woods, but any magic (even the Druids' one) is beyond their ken. Only curious and restless Lucky wrangled Cathbad's permission to become his student. The Druid was surprised by the insistence of the little live wire but couldn't turn her down. Overcoming the difficulties of her personality, Lucky has learned to listen patiently to the measured speech of the woods and fathomed the nature's power. Her determination and sincere love to all living had their effect – she has become an exceptional curer!


Skull Strike.png

Skull Strike[]

A basic staff attack that has a 35% chance to slow the selected enemy by 25% for 2 turns.



Heals all allies whose health is lower than 50% by a third, and also activates 'healing over time' status-effect. All allies take 50% less damage for 4 hits.



Resurrects one random allied hero and restores a half of their health. If there are no dead allies, restores a huge amount of health to the most injured ally.

How to get[]

Lucky's shards can be found in: