Maedb is the Rogue of the Druids faction.

Lore Edit

Maedb is an ancient mystery of the Druid's Circle, an eerie emerald shadow, a dark fairy tale. There is a legend about a proud queen whose authority and beauty were so great that any mortal would fall in love with her and be eager to indulge her every whim.

Maedb's possessions grew fast but it was not enough. She ordered the Druid's Circle to bend their knee and acknowledge her the queen of entire Arrat. A Druid's envoy listened to her demands and walked away. Then plague came.

When it was clear that the plague was a punishment sent by Druids, Maedb put on her most inelaborate clothes, took the weapon that helped her conquer the throne and headed to the Circle. She was all alone. The plague ceased as suddenly as it began, and after that no human being has never seen Maedb again.

Skills Edit

Katars Strike Edit

Basic attack with katars

Wood Spirits Edit

Damages the enemy, removes all healing buffs, and prevents them from using any abilities other than basic ones for 1 turn. Also increases armor for all allies by 35% for 2 turns.

Blades of Fury Edit

Deals massive damage to a single enemy, poisons them for 2 turns, and resets their initiative to 0.

Emerald Shadow Edit

The speed of all Druids in the squad is increased by 10%. Maedb can't be attacked while her allies are alive. Her speed increases by 10% for 2 turns for each slow and turn-skipping effect affecting enemies.

How to get Edit

Maedb is not available at the moment.